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How Noodl works

Noodl has two fundamental parts:

  1. A visual builder for modern web application frontends. You compose frontends from a library of UI Controls that are highly customizable, down to fine grained animations and transitions. A versatile navigation system that supports both simple and more complex nested navigation and popups. Re-usable components to support dynamic, reactive interfaces. And you build logic either visually or with simple Javascript functions.

  2. Integrated cloud services. A solid easy to learn database where you manage classes and records. You can of course also query data and create record relations. The cloud database also includes user management (sign up, log in/out) and Access Control. You can create cloud functions, just like building logic on the client, that run in the cloud for background jobs, compound queries, security etc. It is based on a popular open source project (Parse), and is fully open source and self-hostable.

Getting started‚Äč

Getting started with Noodl is easy. There are interactive lessons built into the tool that are a great starting point. In the documentation we recommend the following articles to get started.

  • First we recommend reviewing the Workflow overview page and then the Fundamentals page to get some more meat the bones in terms of what Noodl can do for you.

  • Then dive into the Guides section and start digging into the wonderful world on Noodl.

Also don't forget to check out our Community channels - great ways to learn and make new friends!

Happy Noodling!