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Get started with Noodl

Noodl is a low code web app builder that will have you creating applications faster and smarter. It's a visual development environment that you don't need any previous coding skills to start learning. It's also great for developers who already know how to code as you can easily mix in JavaScript when appropriate, and Noodl is great for designers too, as it gives full control over the look and feel of your App. In Noodl everything is live and you edit you app while its live. This site contains all you need to get started!

Featured guides

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Pages and Navigation

Learn how to build navigation systems, browser url’s and more.


Learn about Noodls powerful layout system and how to use it to create responsive UI.

UI Controls and Data

Learn how connect UI Controls to data nodes to create forms and more.

Creating a Backend

Learn how to set up a backend for your App, to store and read persistant data.

Javascript in Noodl

Learn how to use Javascript in Noodl and combine nodes with code.

Custom UI Components

Learn how to create your own re-usable components.

Featured prefabs

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Component for creating tables from data.


Component for creating dynamic forms.

Popup Modal

Contains a classic popup modal for simple confirm popups.


Contains Toast messages for success, warnings, errors, and neutral.

Email Verification

Cloud functions for email verification and reset password.

Featured modules

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Use this module to add maps and location visualisations to your app.


A module with components to build charts.


A module to help quering data using GraphQL.

Featured videos

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Building AirBnB Clone

Casually building an AirBnB clone and testing some new upcoming features of 2.8.2


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Noodl 2.8 release overview

A look at the new features of 2.8 most norably cloud functions.


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Noodl Basics - Visual States

Learn how to use Noodl visual interaction states.


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Intro to cloud services

Continue the learning journey from the intro lessons in this video guide.


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