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Receive Event

This node is used to receive a signal triggered by a Send Event node. To learn more about Events check out the Events Guide.

The Send Event node lets you specify a channel to broadcast to. All Receive Event nodes set to that channel will be triggered simultaneously.


EnabledThis port is used to disable/enable this node. If disabled the receiver node will not be activated when the corresponding Send Event node is triggered.
ConsumeThis property specified if and how the event is consumed when captured by this receive event node.
ChannelEach Receive Event node must listen to a specific channel. This means that when a [Send Event][/nodes/events/send-event] node of that channel is triggered all Receive Event nodes with the same channel will be triggered as well (depending on the propagation, please review the Events guide for more details).


Custom OutputsThe Receive Event node will automatically get outputs from all [Send Event][0] nodes connected to the same channel. See the [Send Event][0] documentation for more details on adding ports for sending values with events.
ReceivedThis is a signal port, it is triggered when a signal is triggered in any Send Event node with the same channel as this Receive Event node.