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Set Object Properties

You can use this node to set properties on an Object. You must identify the Object with it's Id (see full docs for details)

You can then specify which properties you want to set on the Object in the property panel.

Finally, send a signal to Do to perform the action.


| Data | Description | | --------------------------------------------------- | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Properties To Set | You can specify which properties to set by adding them to this list. Object don't have a schema with predefined properties like Records so you can choose any property name you want. | | Property Types | Each property that you want to set will give you the option of setting the type of the value that you want to set to that property. | | Property Values | The value to set on the Object property when the action is performed. (Signal is receieved on the Do input) Each property that you want to set (that was added to the Properties to set section above) will get it's own input both in the property panel and as a connection input. |

Id SourceAn Id of a record is needed to perform the action of this node. The Id Source property specifies how this Id is retrieved, the options are:

Specify explicitly: This means you need to specify the Id of the record explicitly through e.g. a connection to the Id input.
From repeater: This means that the Id for the record will be derived from a repeater. This option is only valid if the component this node is placed in is created by a repeater. Then this node will act on the repeater object that this component was created for.
IdOn this input you provide the Id of the object where you will set the properties.
DoSend a signal on this input to perform the action and set the properties.


IdThe Id of the Object where you will / have set the properties. This is simply a mirror of the Id input.
DoneA signal is sent on this output when the action is performed. You can use this to trigger other actions that needs to run after the properties have been set.