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Static Array

Store static data to populate an Array with items. The Static Array node is great for providing static local data for lists etc. You can use it e.g. as an input to a For Each node.

You can provide the data in either CSV format or, JSON format. The items output is of Noodl.Array format. The content of the array is reset whenever the application is refreshed.


TypeChoose what format the data will be in.

CSV: Comma-separated values
JSON: JavaScript Object Notation


The first row defines the name of all properties. Subsequent rows defines the data values. Example:

Kitchen Lamp,/lamps/1
Office Lamp,/lamps/2
Office Lamp 2,/lamps/4


Define the name of the properties, and the data, using a JSON array. Example:

"lamp": "Kitchen Lamp",
"topic": "/lamps/1"
"lamp": "Office Lamp",
"topic": "/lamps/2"
"lamp": "Office Lamp 2",
"topic": "/lamps/4"


ItemsA Noodl.Array object that can be connected to e.g. an Array, JavaScript or Repeater.