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Prefabs allow you to clone a pre-built component and use it in your project. The component can be used as is, or tweaked to your needs by opening it up and modifying its internal building blocks.

Learn how to import a prefabs to your project here.

All prefabs

Multi Choice with Pills

A multi select drop down, showing the selected items as pills.

Multi Choice

A component that allows for multi selection in a group of checkboxes.


Component for creating tables from data.


Component for creating dynamic forms.

List With Icons

A simple list component with icons and labels.

Navigation Menu

Component for creating navigation menus.

Media Query

Contains a handy component to create responsive interfaces.

Progress Circle

Contains an animating progress visualization in percentage.

Popup Modal

Contains a classic popup modal for simple confirm popups.


Contains Toast messages for success, warnings, errors, and neutral.

Toggle Switch

A toggle switch UI component.

Tab Bar

A tab bar component, useful for creating tab navigation.


An interactive star rating component.

Loading Spinner

A loading spinner that can be shown when requesting data etc.


Display a list of tags, with nice auto generated colors.

Selection Pills

A list of selection pills, select one or many.

Send Grid

A simple prefab for sending emails with Send Grid.

Mail Gun

A simple prefab for sending emails with Mail Gun.

Email Verification

Cloud functions for email verification and reset password.


Cloud functions for oauth2 user authentication.


Cloud functions for auth with timebased one time passwords like Google Auth.


Some helpers to make cloud functions for accepting payments and subscriptions.


A component for pagination, showing available pages and letting user switch.

Pages And Rows

A component for pagination, letting user pick page and number of rows per page.


A prefab for creating filter controls that work well with query records.


Connects to Xano and handles queries, users and authTokens. Built by @gmaison.


Connects to Supabase and handles queries, users and authTokens. Built by @gmaison and @RicoTrevisan.